Ring made from thousands of eyes bodh

How to play thousands of eyes Bodhi? Have you ever thought of putting thousands of eyes bodhi on your fingers? Some players may wonder how bodhi is worn on their fingers. Today I will share with you a method to turn bodhi into a ring. The ring made by bodhi is the only one in the world. The production steps are very simple.

One, prepare tools

As the proverb goes, if a workman wishes to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. So the essential tools for making the bodhi ring are mills, end drill, boring cutter, mark pen, bandsaws, plane knife, screw and nut, file, abrasive paper.

Two, cutting

Then use the bandsaws to cut along previously marked position, keep your hands safe when cutting.

Three, plane milling, hole drilling, shape turning and internal boring

Take the cut middle section of the bodhi, and carry out plane milling at both ends. Then punch the mark position along the center of the bodhi, make the screw through the round hole, fix it to the chuck, and then turning the expected shape. After that, focus on the most critical internal boring.

Four, polish and rounding chamfer

Fine sandpaper fine polishing to complete the bodhi ring.

If you want to learn more about the production process, please click the link below to watch: https://fb.watch/eFB9Uozoyk/

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