SM8-PRO Multi-Purpose Machine
SM8-PRO Multi-Purpose Machine
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•Overrunning clutch
• Hardened bed way
• High power with large cutting capacity
• Auto feeding on both X, Y axis
• Cutting all thread pitchs only adjust the gear box handles, no more need changing gears
• 500W brushless motor milling head
• With 3-axis digital readout and water cooling system

Lathe Part

Swing over bed

280 mm

Distance between centers Model 750

750 mm

Hole through spindle

25 mm

Spindle taper


Tailstock taper


Spindle speed (6 step)

(Variable speed)100-2000 rpm

Compound travel

80 mm

Cross slide travel

155 mm

Motor output power

(Brushless motor)1500 W

Thread range Metric version

0.25-2.5 mm ( 14 threads pitches)

Imperial version

12-96 TPI ( 9 threads pitches)

Overal dimension (LxWxH) Model 750

1500x750x1550 mm

Packing Size (LxWxH) Model 750

1550x890x1600 mm

Weight (Net/Gross) Model 750

310/350 kg

Drilling &Milling Part

Drilling capacity

16 mm

Headstock travel (Z)

180 mm

Spindle taper

MT3 or R8

Column tilting angle

25°L, 45°R

Motor output power

(brushless motor)500 W

Spindle speed(variable speed)

100-2500 ±10% rp

Overal dimension (LxWxH)

380x360x850 mm

Packing Size (LxWxH)

760x380x460 mm

Weight (Net/Gross)

30/42 kg

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