C330/C360-1000 High Speed Precision Lathe
C330/C360-1000 High Speed Precision Lathe
  • Features
  • Specifications

•Precision floor standing lathe built to a very high standard

•Large taper roller spindle bearings for precision running

•Deeply webbed, cast iron bed with ground, induction hardened slideways

•The max.speed reaches to 2000R.P.M

•Metric & imperial threads cutting

•Diametral pitches DP/DP, MP/MP

C300/C360-1000 High Speed Precision Lathe
Project Name
Project Content
Swing over bed
330 mm
360 mm
Swing over cross slide
198 mm
215 mm
Center height
165 mm
180 mm
Distance between centers
1000 mm
1000 mm
Bed width
205 mm
205 mm
Bed length
1655 mm
1655 mm
Spindle bore
41 mm
41 mm
Spindle nose
Spindle bore taper in nose,in sleeve
M.T.#5 / M.T.#4
M.T.#5 / M.T.#4
Speeds number
8 or 16 (optional)
8 or 16 (optional)
Speeds range
70-2000R.P.M. or 35-2000R.P.M.(2 speed motor)
70-2000R.P.M. or 35-2000R.P.M.(2 speed motor)
Cross slide width
140 mm
140 mm
Cross slide travel
208 mm
208 mm
Compound rest width
82 mm
82 mm
Compound rest travel
92 mm
92 mm
Lead screw diameter
22 mm
22 mm
Lead screw thread
8T.P.I. or 2.5 mm pitch
8T.P.I. or 2.5 mm pitch
Feed rod diameter
15 mm
15 mm
Cutting tool max. section
16 mm X 16 mm
16 mm X 16 mm
Threads imperials pitches
34 Nos.4-56 T.P.I.
34 Nos.4-56 T.P.I.
Threads metric pitches
26 Nos.0.4-7 mm pitch
26 Nos.0.4-7 mm pitch
Threads diametral pitches
36 Nos.8-112 D.P.(optional)
36 Nos.8-112 D.P.(optional)
Threads module pitches
23 Nos.0.25-3 M.P.(optional)
23 Nos.0.25-3 M.P.(optional)
Longitudinal feeds imperial
Longitudinal feeds metric
0.052-1.392 mm/ Rev.(32Nos)
0.052-1.392 mm/ Rev.(32Nos)
Cross slide feeds imperial
Cross slide feeds metric
0.014-0.380 mm/ Rev.(32Nos)
0.014-0.380 mm/ Rev.(32Nos)
Quill diameter
42 mm (1 21/32”) (NO.4 M.T.)
42 mm (1 21/32”) (NO.4 M.T.)
Quill travel
114 mm (4 1/2”) (NO.4 M.T.)
114 mm (4 1/2”) (NO.4 M.T.)
Quill taper
NO.4 M.T.
NO.4 M.T.
Set over
10 mm(±3/8")
10 mm(±3/8")
For main motor
3HP, 3PH
3HP, 3PH
Coolant pump motor
1/8 HP, 3PH
1/8 HP, 3PH
Machine dimension (LxWxH)
1930x800x1258 mm
1930x800x1258 mm
Packing dimension (LxWxH) (1set/case)
1940x800x1600 mm
1940x800x1600 mm
NW(Kg) (1set/case)
565 Kgs
655 Kgs
GW(Kg) (1set/case)
585 Kgs
785 Kgs
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