Miling /Drilling Machine PBM-1839BDV(SX2.7) Gets 1.5! Price-performanace!
Miling /Drilling Machine PBM-1839BDV(SX2.7) Gets 1.5! Price-performanace!
It is happy to hear that the PROMAC Miling /Drilling Machine PBM-1839BDV(SX2.7) gets 1.5! price-performance. Here is the rough idea of the magazine.
The Promac PBM-1739BDV(SX2.7) combines all the features of a high-quality drilling and milling machine. It is built rigid and torsionally rigid so that high accuracy is achieved even with large machining forces. The brushless DC motor allows a spindle speed range of 100 to 2000 rpm. The particularly low speed of 100 revolutions per minute is intended for the milling of plastics, here it comes at higher speeds quickly to the melting of the material and, consequently, to the bonding of the milling cutter.
The dovetail guides of the table and the milling head run smoothly and play free. For securing purposes, grub screws with toggle handles are located on all axes for quick setting of the respective axis. The screws act on wedges that secure the table. All adjusting wheels are equipped with scales with high accuracy. This drill-and-miller combination weighs only 110 kg, which at first glance seems a lot, but compared to other machines of this type, the machine is rather light. The speed of the PBM-1739BDV(SX2.7) is electronically controlled and the spindle depth indication is also digital. The Morse taper size for tool holder is MK3, a drill chuck is included. The table has 3 12 "T-slots, with which workpieces or vices can be safely anchored:
Before it starts, the speed is set. As with a pillar drill, a three-arm star grip allows the drill to shut down. To lower a cutter to a certain depth, the depth is adjusted by handwheel for the Z-axis and also changed during operation. The workpiece is fixed on the table and then moved by means of adjusting wheels in the X and Y direction until its position is correct. Then either a hole is drilled and / or the mill is shut down until it engages the material and the workpiece can now be moved under it as required by the milling pattern. The machine has a smooth running and the precisely machined guides allow a fine movement of the workpiece. The result is impressively accurate.
The scope of delivery of the machine includes, in addition to an M12 pull rod, only a protective cover and the operating tool. Therefore, when purchasing the machine, it is recommended to order the right accessories at the same time so that the machine can achieve its full performance.

The metal and plastic processing is fun with the PBM-1739BDV. Powerful, low-vibration and quiet, the versatile drilling and milling machine enables the production of dimensionally accurate workpieces with even surfaces. It also has a very good price.

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