A user made a train model by SC4 and SX2

During the years since our company began small machine toolbusiness in 1988, we have sold plenty of machines around the world. these versatile small lathes and milling machines are a good choice for model makers, experimenters, inventors and just about anyone else who is interested in metalworking or has a need to fabricate small precision parts. Small lathes and milling machines are miniature versions of industrial metal-working machines and are quite different in design and use than wood-working machines, but they can certainly be used for shaping wood, plastics and other materials.

Today,I will share a marvellous works from a hobby user In Australia who used our Lathe SC4 and Milling machine SX2 to fabricate a train model.it is really amazing job!here I attached some pictures.

In my opinion,although these machines are made of steels,they have life when they are used for creating somthing.we wish all our users find enjoyment in using it.

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